2019 Cache (as drunken paw), Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB

2019 Conspiracy of Crones, TRUCK Contemporary Art U-Hall space, Calgary, AB

2013-2015 Traces, Alberta Foundation for the Arts Traveling Exhibition Program

2014 Exile on 3rd Street, New Edward Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

2014 Carte Blanche, DNA Art Space, London, Ontario (as drunken paw)

2012 Summer Survey II, Jarvis Hall Fine Art, Calgary, Alberta

2011 Bring the Noise (as drunken paw) Jarvis Hall Fine Art, Calgary, Alberta

2011        Passages: A Chris J. Melnychuk Retrospective Curated by Kari McQueen

(as drunken paw), Untitled Art Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

2011 ‘Seafood Market’, Seafood Market Studios, Calgary, Alberta

2010 East Village Seafood Market Mixer, Seafood Market Studios, Calgary, Alberta

2010 Summer’s Edge II, The Edge Gallery, Canmore, Alberta

2010 Genderblender, Sugar Shack Art Salon, Calgary, Alberta

2009 Paper Jam, Sugar Shack Winter Art Salon, Calgary, AB

2009 Spawn, Arrata Opera Centre, Calgary, Alberta

2008 Nectar Rendezvous, Nectar, Calgary, Alberta

2008 Creature, Arrata Opera Centre, Calgary, Alberta

2007 Elephant, in collaboration with OYR, One Yellow Rabbit, Calgary, Alberta

2002 Sugar Smut Show, Sugar Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

2001 Idols And Icon, The New Gallery, Calgary, Alberta


2012 Equinox at Union Cemetary, Union Cemetary, Calgary, Alberta

2009 Les Voisins, a one month animated installation in collaboration with Elephant

Artist Relief

International Festival of Animated Objects in conjunction with TRUCK, The

New gallery, Stride, and Untitled Art Society’s Plus 15 Window, Calgary, Alberta


2008 Seven, Museo Poco, Calgary, Alberta


2012 The Ants Go Marching (as drunken paw), EPCOR Centre, Calgary, AB

2012 Love Triangle: Evil as All Bejeesus (as drunken paw), Hot Wax Records, Calgary,

Alberta, Canada

2011 egg drop soup (as drunken paw), Museum of Ephemera, Nakusp, B.C. Canada

2011 The Leavening  --- drunken paw at Sidewalk Citizen Bakery, a six week

exhibition and performance, Sidewalk Citizen Bakery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

2011 drunken paw’s Interpretation of Houdini’s Water Torture Trick (with Mark Dicey

& Janet Turner), Sugar Cube Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


2013 The Other, Epcor Centre, This Is My City Festival, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

2011 Magaera, Millennium Park, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


2010 - 2013 Guerrilla Hearts, unsolicited public installations, throughout Calgary, #2 Highway

Southern Alberta, Canada, New York, USA


2010 Calgary Allied Arts Foundation, st(art)4Five studio residency program, Calgary,

Alberta, Canada

2008 - 2010 Artist in Residence, Museo Poco, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Drunken Paw a collaborative drawing trio including Mark Dicey, Janet Turner and myself.


2018 Presenter, Calgary Institute for the Humanities, Water Rites, Calgary AB, Canada

2013-2016 Installation Technician, Esker Foundation, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

2013 Presenter and Facilitator, Public Art 101, Calgary Public Art Program

2007- 2013 Co-founder and Director, Board of Directors of Elephant Artist Relief, Calgary,

Alberta. Canada

1997-1999 Canada Fossils, Painting Department Head, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


2012 Calgary 2012 - Project Grant

2011 Alberta Foundation for the Arts Visual Project Grant 

2011                    Alberta Foundation for the Arts Visual Arts Project Grant (as drunken paw)

2011 - 2013 City of Calgary’s Pre-Qualified Artist Roster for Public Art Projects 


ϖ Alberta Foundation for the Arts (as drunken paw)

ϖ Calgary Municipal Land Corporation

ϖ Dia Holdings, Baku, Azerbaijan

ϖ Numerous private international collections


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ϖ        Sidewalk Citizen

           feature length documentary by Michal Lavi (supported by the Canada Council & the AFA)

ϖ I Am My City, Storm Sound Conglomerate, ‘I Am My City’, short film highlighting Public Art

in Calgary, 2011


ϖ CBC Calgary Eye Opener, November 2010


2017-2019 University of Calgary, Bachelor of Arts, Communication and Culture

1989-1992 University of Calgary, Philosophy & Religious Studies

1986 -1988 Alberta College of Art and Design, Sculpture